AVSA Show Entries Version 2 is a Windows® program designed to facilitate the entering of exhibits in AVSA Standard Shows. Here are some of the features:

  • Creates a show information file that customizes the program for each show, including the sections, classes, and special awards.
  • At show time, information is entered with a minimum of keystrokes, which will help to speed up the entries process.
  • Looks up names and descriptions directly in the program, using the First Class database.
  • Prints entry tags. A detachable card is printed with the cultivar name in a selectable font, to be used as a plant name tag.
  • Handles the sale of show plants, optionally printing the price on the plant name tag.
  • Prints various forms and reports, including AVSA collection score sheets, clerk's sheets, the AVSA Standard Show Award (SSA) Point Score Sheet (filled in with ribbon counts, etc.), award winners, and exhibitors' award sheets. Also prints report of show plant sales for each exhibitor, and summary sheet for the treasurer.

The program can be purchased from the African Violet Society of America for $27.50 USD, or $20.00 USD for the downloadable version. Owners of AVSA Show Entries Version 1 can get a CD for an upgrade fee of $15.00 USD, or they can download the program and burn their own CD for $10.00 USD.